Engine Silencers

MIRATECH silencers are reliable, high-performance products with superior mechanical and thermal durability. A variety of silencers are available to satisfy a multitude of applications that are suitable for diesel, gasoline, and gaseous fueled engines ranging from 20 to 20,000+ HP.

MIRATECH’s silencers will help you run quieter and cleaner. As a comprehensive manufacturer of industrial silencers, MIRATECH serves a variety markets including power generation, oil and gas, off-highway, industrial mobile equipment, rail, and commercial marine.

MIRATECH has become a leader in these markets because of the variety of silencers it offers; which also includes the well-known EM® and COWL® brand products. MIRATECH offers a full range of standardized silencers and accessories as well as custom engineered sound attenuation solutions to meet each customer’s requirements. MIRATECH’s engineering staff is able to design and manufacture silencing systems to a high level of performance through computer system modeling, analysis, testing, and validation.

These software tools, together with bench testing data collection, allow MIRATECH’s engineering team to effectively shape the exhaust stream inside the housing to achieve the required sound attenuation level at an optimum pressure drop.   Along with its high quality design performance characteristics, MIRATECH manufacturing is registered to ISO 9001 Quality Management systems that ensure quality in our products and processes. In addition, MIRATECH is also certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems.

Plus, MIRATECH Acoustical Silencer Technology (AST™) is built into the housings on the VX, RX, ZX and Ground Access product lines. AST is also available for housings such as MIRATECH LTR and CBL product lines, used for DPF and SCR applications respectively.

Industrial natural gas and diesel engines emit exhaust noise at approximately 110 dB(A) at full load, three (3) meters from the exhaust pipe.

With 60 dB(A) MIRATECH silencer technology, you can expect the exhaust to sound equivalent to the noise of people talking.

Catalysts housing units are designed to be reliable, high-performance units with superior mechanical and thermal durability.  The types of housing units available are offered with or without silencers.  This chart provides a basic overview of Catalysts’s catalyst housing units which are available in both standard and custom solutions.