Housings & Silencers

Catalysts’s engineers are available to design the best emissions control and noise reduction system to meet your compliance requirements.  Our unique combination of expertise, substrates, formulations, and housings is often the standard for BACT (Best Available Control Technology) that allows end-users to achieve first-pass compliance.

Catalysts engineers and produces a complete line of catalyst housing units that address your specific application requirements for all sizes of natural gas, diesel, and dual-fuel stationary engines.  Catalysts’s team is involved in all phases of the project including design, manufacturing, and installation to ensure the best system and housing units are selected to meet your specific needs.  Catalysts’s driving goal is to deliver exceptional quality and performance.

Catalysts housing units are designed to be reliable, high-performance units with superior mechanical and thermal durability.  The types of housing units available are offered with or without silencers.  This chart provides a basic overview of Catalysts’s catalyst housing units which are available in both standard and custom solutions.