Natural gas catalist

MIRATECH® VX Series™ housing is designed to optimize emissions control for natural gas engine applications below 250 horsepower. It was developed to perform with a variety of OEM engines, including Caterpillar®, Waukesha®, Cummins® and Arrow®. In addition, the VXC unit has a critical grade silencer with integrated catalyst tracks.

Each type of housing is available in two sizes and can hold up to two square VORTEX® elements, which are available in full or half panels to achieve different levels of emissions reductions. The housing includes two (2) ½” NPT couplings located in the inlet and outlet flange necks for instrument fittings and one (1) ½” NPT drain.

Access to the catalyst is provided through a simple cover plate design, thus eliminating the need to remove the housing from the exhaust piping to service the catalyst. Plus, the VX Series’ slide-in feature, which does not rely on moving parts or a complex loading apparatus, allows users to safely and easily lift/install/remove catalysts. Furthermore, the convenient location of the ½” NPT ports allows for easy installation of pressure gauges, thermocouples, or sample tubes to monitor catalyst performance. The benefits to operators are simple and quick installation, maintenance, and performance monitoring, all of which save time and money.